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Mirror - Maze

Experience amazement as you navigate your way through this fun-filled, life-size maze of mirrors and glass.
We have been solving mazes and puzzles as kids, but this mirror maze is no child’s play. As beautiful as it may look when you enter, it is sure to play enough tricks with your mind to leave you exhausted by the end of it. The Mirror Maze is made very tastefully and beautifully done with red arches continuing endlessly into time due to the placement of the mirrors. There is nearly 4000 sqft of mirrored paths, surprising corners, dead ends and continuous circles.
You may believe you are seeing yourself, but it could well be the door to your freedom. Once you have entered the maze, there is little you can do but keep trying to get out of the same. We should warn you though that you should try avoiding getting onto your fours and then try to find your way out, lest someone may trip on you thinking you are only a reflection.
The best way to solve this trick is to walk along one side so you could ultimately get to the exit. Go ahead, make it fun by having the whole group finding their own way and causing a lot of confusion and fun. Once you have had enough though, we suggest you walk around in a single line and let one person lead you. Definitely try not to kill the fun of it by following the very friendly manager on duty – it wouldn’t be the same experience!
Tip: Follow one of your arms along the walls
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