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Scary House

Scary House The Most Haunted Place

Sunrise Dream World “Sapno ri Dhani” introduces one of the scariest houses in Jaipur. Sunrise Dream World have well elaborated horror house, where you can find your all nightmares Scariest Monsters, Deadliest Ghosts, Screaming Witches, Walking Zombies, Mummies, Ugliest Creatures, flying Souls will definitely scare you to the most. The Decor, Lightning & Sound Effects makes it absolute real. We guarantee you’ll never be able to forget your experience in the Scary House at Sunrise Dream World. It'll leave an impact which you never had before.

With 15 props spread over long haul. The dimly lit, dingy, old, dirty but huge mansion reminds you of a set from Horror mansion. You would expect an old caretaker with a lantern to turn up any minute. Instead, there are number of specially made props which throw themselves upon you when least expected.

The special effects only make the place creepier. Yes, you would want to run out of the house at the first given opportunity, but you would secretly want some more of it too. The dead pianist in the entrance, many old skulls and skeletons tangled in cobwebs over the years, dead bodies in coffins, decaying dead bodies as guests in hall are all part of an ensemble so carefully crafted to give you an experience only possible in hell! And the whole picture is only completed with the cemetery in the front entrance alongside a headless horse rider.
scary house in Jaipur

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