Sunrise Dinning

(SHER-E-PUNJAB) Panjabi Dhaba

A Punjabi Dhaba with Char Pai and Khatiya

The entire place has been done up in the form of a dhaba and gives you that ethnic feel the moment you step inside. An ensemble of artifacts like” Char Pai and Khatiya” (a bed made of jute ropes tied to a wooden panel with wooden raw plank table), hut Shaped restaurant, The floor is made up of wooden sheets. Grab your attention the moment you start making your way towards the khtiya, Food served in full rustic flavor.. where you can just chill out.

Food is served in big brass thali (plates) and drinks like water, lassi, milk - are served in a 12-inch-long brass glass. Two types of foods are served in the Punjabi Dhabas the Non Vegetarian cuisine, which is the most popular and the Vegetarian food is cooked in pure ghee like MAKKI DI ROTI SARRU DA SAAG.